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Trello vs Jira vs Kanban

Jan.12.2018 | 8m Read | ^DevOps
In the following we shall cover various methodologies , mixes, and tools to increase and focus productivity. This is the 2nd article covering DevOps tools and methodology integration. See PART 1: Agile vs Scrum vs Lean for a background on methodologies. Now watch me strum this ' Trello…

Agile vs Scrum vs Lean

Jan.02.2018 | 7m Read | ^DevOps
In DevOps teams and tasks need to be managed and completed. The way by which these are planned and executed are called methodologies . They can be formal structures or patched together from various systems. PART 2: Trello vs Jira vs Kanban of this article will focus on methodology tools and…

Docker vs Kubernetes

Dec.30.2017 | 3m Read | ^DevOps
Confused by DevOps , IT , or maybe toolsets like Docker and Kubernetes ? I mean what the freak is a ' Kubernetes ', right? Come with me on an adventure to get containerized and virtualized ... DevOps (Development Operations) ☑⁡⁡ Originally fell under the umbrella of more generalized IT…

OS & CPU Architecture

Oct.06.2017 | 8m Read | ^DevOps
Operating Systems and the CPU work together in software development for multi-processing , distributed deploy , embedded systems , memory (ie, kernel space), and more. Here we'll start at the beginning from system off and cover all the way to GPU -based Machine Learning . Let's dive in…