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JavaScript, C++, Haxe, Kha, WebGL, OpenGL, Pyxel Edit, Tiled (.tmx), Shader Model 450, Vulkan, SPIR-V


3 Weeks

Live Demo (export)

Battle hordes. Or are you more in the mood for some local CO-OP or Deathmatch?

NOTE: if the demo 404s from the host throttling on Socket.IO, right or Ctrl + click the '(export)' link, then copy and paste the location into a new window/tab. Otherwise you may have to try multiple times.

Controls (Refresh if you get stuck):

WASD 1P move
NUMPAD9 1P jump
NUMPAD7 1P attack
ENTER 1P start
N spawn NPCs
NUMPAD0 2P start

2P Starts Controls (Auto-rebinds):

WASD 1P move
U 1P jump
O 1P attack
ENTER 1P start
N spawn NPCs
ARROWS 2P move
NUMPAD7 2P jump
NUMPAD9 2P attack
NUMPAD0 2P start


2D Game screenshot:

Jump and slash platforming.

There is no damage or lives, but there is knockback and team attacking. The closer you are, the more knockback you get. Fall into the pit and you will need to press start to respawn.

Screen follows 1P (2D Sonic and Tails style) to avoid gimping jumps, so keep up 2P!


2D Game screenshot:

This is actually 3 different engines.

  • ☑⁡⁡ A: Mostly gameplay elements.
  • ☑⁡⁡ B: Custom UI and better rendering.
  • ☑⁡⁡ C: Mostly engine B with pluggable parts for 3D (like UI).

Tile stage support for Pyxel Edit and baseline support for Tiled's .tmx format. This includes variable alpha transparency (visible in the demo). Tiled will wipe map values if it detects corrupted data at load, which is pretty scary. Make sure to have back ups if you are manually editing the XML or CSV data.

Edited assets from OpenGameArt.org


2D Game screenshot:

Basic 2D physics and simu-physics include:

  • ☑⁡⁡ Springy, pressure-sensitive jump.
  • ☑⁡⁡ Acceleration and drag (friction with sliding).


2D Game screenshot:
  • ☑⁡⁡ Tint: characters tint red when hit.
  • ☑⁡⁡ 2D Shadows: skewed texture animates, but does not shrink mask or collide properly yet (needs ray casting).
  • ☑⁡⁡ Animating Water: which is two translating png textures (tiled by x).


2D Game screenshot:
  • ☑⁡⁡ Advanced UI.
  • ☑⁡⁡ Engine-based toolset & editor.
  • ☑⁡⁡ Pluggable to 3D for hybrid '2.5D' sims.
  • ☑⁡⁡ Netplay.