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Firefox Cloud reUX

Oct.06.2019 | 5m Read | ^UX
Oct.05.2019 Redesign of Firefox.com's into a unifying cloud platform. PART 1 : usability issues. PART 2 : UI updates. The redesign (or reUX) samples the original Firefox.com web site, but then moves to draw inspiration from dark interfaces found in professional tools like Maya, Resolve, Visual…

GitHub Enterprise reUX

Aug.28.2019 | 13m Read | ^UX
Aug.28.2019 redesign of GitHub's Enterprise UX landing page and branching content. It also features brand management and marketing strategy to convert existing GitHub users to Enterprise, maximizing CPM, pageflow, and content. PART 1 : usability and presentation issues. PART 2 : UI updates…

Prime Video reUX

Jul.25.2019 | 7m Read | ^UX
Jul.25.2019 redesign of Amazon Prime Video. PART 1 : usability issues. PART 2 : UI updates. This redesign (or reUX) is based on the existing web site, but not specific to any platform other than horizontal ratio'd screens. Pointer hovers are omitted and larger components are preferred when possible…

Mattermost Chat UI Update

Dec.30.2018 | 1m Read | ^UX
Dec.30.2018 redesign of the Mattermost chat client. Search Channel: Currently when searching through channels you get a mass of rooms and are required to be invited to invisible private channels. This is remedied via a streamlined UI and search / filtering interface. New Channel: The search…

Improving LinkedIn's UX / UI

Oct.15.2018 | 2m Read | ^UX
As of Oct.14.2018 LinkedIn’s news feed looks like this: Feels like we are going back to early Web 2.0 here. The problems? ◆ Doesn’t match the established styling and color scheme. ◆ High contrast and black on modern screens cause eye fatigue (even pain). ◆ Pictures become more ominous and dingy with…

Apple.com React Redesign

Apr.22.2018 | 5m Read | ^UX
Apr.22.2018 redesign of Apple.com. Home: The main nav ('mac iphone ipad', etc) now sports svg icons. It's a custom headroom component with a large, soft shadow (dark blue) optimized for light grayish backgrounds. Being a fan of depth, I decided to go with a '3D'/embossed look for the down CSS style…

Regex & State

Apr.02.2018 | 2m Read | ^AI
Long before Machine Learning was all the rage in AI , there were Finite State Machines , and Hierarchical Finite State Machines , Behavior Trees , and Behavior Trees of Hierarchical State Machines and, and... These are still used in games and Unreal Engine so let's read up and add a dash…

UE4 Animation Starter

Getting started with UE4 -- why not begin with this animation starter? It covers all the forms of animation from C++ , Maya import, Blueprints , and the Material Node Editor . And remember: Unreal Engine's material node editor is actually radians / Pi, despite it's label of 'radians'. Yeah…

Trello vs Jira vs Kanban

Jan.12.2018 | 8m Read | ^DevOps
In the following we shall cover various methodologies , mixes, and tools to increase and focus productivity. This is the 2nd article covering DevOps tools and methodology integration. See PART 1: Agile vs Scrum vs Lean for a background on methodologies. Now watch me strum this ' Trello…

Agile vs Scrum vs Lean

Jan.02.2018 | 7m Read | ^DevOps
In DevOps teams need to be managed and tasks completed. The way by which these are planned and executed are called methodologies . They can be formal structures or patched together from various systems. The alternative is to use whips and chains with sacrifices to Molech, but most non…

Docker vs Kubernetes

Dec.30.2017 | 3m Read | ^DevOps
Confused by DevOps , IT , or maybe toolsets like Docker and Kubernetes ? I mean what the freak is a ' Kubernetes ', right? Come with me on an adventure to get containerized and virtualized ... DevOps (Development Operations) ☑⁡⁡ Originally fell under the umbrella of more generalized IT…

bcrypt & JWTs vs Cookies

Dec.11.2017 | 8m Read | ^Security
Here we cover some core concepts of security and progress down the cryptographic rabbit hole of passwords, encryption, and web storage. Buckle-up buck-o. Cyber vs IT Security: ▼ Considerations: ▼ The CIA Pillars of IT Security: Middleware: ▼ How does it work? ☑⁡⁡ Software that interfaces or acts as…

React Native vs Cordova vs Ionic

Nov.02.2017 | 2m Read | ^UX
You've been using React and you want to move or port to mobile apps? React Native might be what you need. Or maybe it's a hyrbrid approach like Apache's Cordova or the Ionic framework. Everything's here to get started as a mobile app dev in 3, 2, 1... React Native vs React: ☑ Different…

React with Router & Redux

Oct.17.2017 | 7m Read | ^UX
React is an open-source framework from Facebook that's used to power many large and scalable User Interfaces . We'll cover not only basic operations and lifecycle, but the MVC software pattern, networking protocols , and Redux . Time to read and React ! React: A U ser I nterface framework…

OS & CPU Architecture

Oct.06.2017 | 8m Read | ^DevOps
Operating Systems and the CPU work together in software development for multi-processing , distributed deploy , embedded systems , memory (ie, kernel space), and more. Here we'll start at the beginning from system off and cover all the way to GPU -based Machine Learning . Let's dive in…