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Brand / IP

Mocks, Wireframes, Story, Immediate Mode, MVC


Photoshop, Illustrator, JavaScript, C/C++, Java, Mobile, Usability, Accessability, Haptics


3-9 days

Firefox Cloud UX:

New Firefox logo with a new cloud platform UX for Firefox.com.

More info: Firefox.com reUX.

GitHub Enterprise UX:

GitHub Enterprise UX.

More info: GitHub Enterprise reUX.

Amazon Prime Video UX:

Amazon Prime Video UX.

More info: Prime Video reUX.

LinkedIn News UI:

LinkedIn News UI fix.

More info: Improving LinkedIn's UX / UI.

Apple.com Redesigned in React:

Apple.com React interface.

More info: Apple.com React Redesign.

Mattermost Chat UI:

Mattermost chat UI fix.

More info: Mattermost Chat UI Update.

Game & Site (Tiled Textures):

Beyond Epic game site & screenshot.

Themable OpenGL & WebGL:

Immediate mode UI in 2D platform game.

Immediate mode UI, 9-patch and kerned Angel Code bitmap font support (vector fonts also). Button rethemes itself on mouse down (supports key binding/key-combos).

Java AWT Overrided (Tiled Textures):

Java RPG game UI test.

A simple test game or interactive mockup I made on overriding the AWT's paint method to retheme components. Here it is much easier to see the limitations because none of the AWT colors are present so the limits can be tested.